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The year 2022 had a lot of change to offer, also traveling Europe made a good part of the year. As 2022 comes to an end, the journey does and for now I'm back to Germany. I'm offering treatments in Freiburg & Backnang right now.
Find more information on my german page.

Through my studies of different kinds of therapy I developed my unique style which is best described as a psychosomatic approach.
Im happy to treat any kind of conditions like physical pain or malfunction, emotional pain or mental issues. Furthermore I do energy work e.g. find bloquades, clear them and help to return to balance.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.


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Types of Therapy

Generally I combine all my Therapystyles into one holistic approach, nonetheless if you are interested in a specific treatment please let me know. Mainly I studied the following kinds of therapy:

• Cranio Sacral Therapy

• Chakra Therapy

• Non-directive Psychotherapy according to C. Rogers

If you want more information you can check my german page and translate it via browser. Or feel free to contact me and ask any question.

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I do love to give workshops, and to teach a little bit of what Im doing. I try to keep it at most to 3 hours, and either donation based or affordable. Please see my social media for announcements or check localy.
Also I give workshops on request, so feel free to contact me.
Topics can be:

• Yin approach to body work (Cranio Sacral Touch)

• Energy & Chakra work

• Non-directive Psychotherapy according to C. Rogers

• Yin Space

Its a broader approach to yin energy than modern yin yoga. Also including other cultural systems but all under the perspectiv of the yin energy. Some of the typical yin yoga elements will also find place here.